5 quick tips to increase closing the sale

So recently we’ve been interested in the art of selling and more importantly how to “close the deal”.
All to often we work with clients who say:

“We’re great with sales, all our prospects love us, but we just can’t get them to sign the deal”

So here are 5 tips we give our clients to instant help you close the sale.

1. Always ask one more time; this is a good one. Most sales happen after the 5th request for the sale. But most sales people only ever ask 4 times.

2. Always be positive. Pretty self explanatory. But if you exude positivity then the prospect can’t help but be positive towards you and the offer.

3. Always smile. Again very similar to number 2, but has to be said.

4. Make sure you clearly express the offer. Now this may sound stupid, but just record yourself and watch it back. You may be quite surprised.

5. Make sure you’re sold on your offer. This should happen long before you’re ever in front of a prospect and could well be the hardest sell. But you MUST be 100% sold on your offer.

One more for luck:

6. Care so much about your prospect that you refuse to not close.

These are a collection of tips we’ve accumulated from reading a few books from authors like Grant Cardone, Zig Zaglar to name a few.

Hope fully these are helpful to you.

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Monday Motivation

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Keep going, if you believe it you’re already half-way there!

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How to get £5000 worth of content for your site for a fiverr

Are you starting a business? Do you need something edited? How about the content for your website, who’s going to write it? What about a bio, testimonial, blog, or essay? Do you have the skills and time to handle all of this on your own while trying to start your business?


In most cases the answer is no. A new entrepreneur doesn’t have the time or money to waste trying to learn how to write or edit material properly, or pay someone else. But it’s easier than you think; most of all it can be a heck of a alot cheaper than you think too.


There are plenty of websites now and days that offer excellent deals for less than what you pay for lunch! Websites like Fiverr, Freelancer, Odesk, Fourerr, and SEOClerks provide services for anything for as low as $5.


Just to give you some examples, check out the things you can get done for $5+ on Fiverr that can help enhance you business. Top quality work for less!


  • Short Bio
  • 1000 word written content
  • Video Testimonials
  • SEO articles for your website
  • Proof read 5000 words
  • Create flyers, Facebook banners, or twitter backgrounds.


Don’t waste your time trying to learn a new skill in order to save money. Most of all, don’t hesitate to outsource small jobs in order to keep your business running. With these resources, you can hire someone and invest your best into your company.


Let us know of any examples you have where you have outsourced jobs to great success.

Comment below!

How to get £5000 worth for content for a fiverr

How to start a business with little or no money.

Starting your first business is arguably the most exciting time of your life. But how do you get from that initial idea of changing the world, to actually having your own business?


Having started a few businesses myself and having run a few “operations” to make some pin money whilst I was growing up, I can honestly say that the best and most exciting ventures for me were the ones in which I saw the results straight away. Be that selling penny sweets from the underground market in the school corridors, or, in later years, starting a video marketing company with a twist – On Grapevine. The best feeling is knowing that people are valuing what you are offering and are willing to pay for it.


I guess that’s the crux of what I am talking about.


Before running off and registering with Companies House here in the UK (or as an LLC if you’re from across the pond), there are a few things I want you to take into consideration.


Firstly, my biggest piece of advice would be to test (at first on a small or local scale) whether or not there is a demand for your product or service. I know from experience that it can be very hard to try to sell something that nobody wants to buy…. so check the demand is there!


Secondly, try to sell before you have made the product. By doing this you are minimising your risk and reducing the financial input that is potentially required. This is also another way of checking whether or not there is demand for your product or service. All this research will be invaluable as your business idea grows. You will begin to learn what language your customers like to be spoken to in, and, as you can imagine, you will find out a lot about yourself.


Last but not least, if you’ve got a job, don’t quit it just yet! Make sure you’ve tested your idea in your spare time to make sure that it is viable.


REMEMBER, friends and family will often say they like something you’re doing, so instead, put them to the test – would they actually part with their cold hard cash for what it is that you’re offering?


Only once you have ticked off all of the above should you set about registering the business and formally start trading.


Until you’ve tested, I’d hold back on buying all those business cards and packs of headed paper….


“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” – Abraham Lincoln

How to start a business

What to do when you’re not paid.

So a nice and “light” subject to start up with!

Everybody’s had it, late payments, no payments and people down right taking the biscuit when it comes to paying your invoice.

Here  are our 7 top tips for reducing the risk of not being paid on time:

  • 1: Know when it’s due.  Run reports from your accounting software so you know what is due and when. Then act on the information.
  • 2: Issue invoices straight away. The sooner the customer gets the invoice, the sooner you get paid.
  • 3: State both the payment terms and the due date clearly on the invoice. This gives the customer no excuse for missing the information… plus if they have to enter the date into their accounting software then it should auto remind them.
  • 4: Include bank account details so payment can be made direct. Put the information in large print on the invoice itself, and, if you are emailing the invoice to a new customer, give the bank details in the email as well.  This tackles the problem of a finance administrator assuming that because you are a new supplier they won’t have your bank details on the system and putting the invoice to one side until they have time to sort it out.
  • 5: Check every invoice is correct. Sounds stupid right… but many businesses just will ignore an invoice if its isn’t correct.
  • 6: Phone the customer a few days before the invoice is due to check that payment is in the system and will be processed. No one has ever been annoyed with a nice phone call.
  • 7: Check your own side. If your own administration is a mess chances are it will show in your invoicing procedure, just take a bit of care and follow a few of these steps and it all hopefully make your life a bit less of a mess!

As always you can’t react and act on information you don’t know, so make sure you know when all payments are due and when invoices should be sent.


These are just some trick and tips we’ve learnt over the years that help us manage our cash flow and keep it in check.


No business school 7 tips for getting invoices paid on time

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