5 quick tips to increase closing the sale

So recently we’ve been interested in the art of selling and more importantly how to “close the deal”.
All to often we work with clients who say:

“We’re great with sales, all our prospects love us, but we just can’t get them to sign the deal”

So here are 5 tips we give our clients to instant help you close the sale.

1. Always ask one more time; this is a good one. Most sales happen after the 5th request for the sale. But most sales people only ever ask 4 times.

2. Always be positive. Pretty self explanatory. But if you exude positivity then the prospect can’t help but be positive towards you and the offer.

3. Always smile. Again very similar to number 2, but has to be said.

4. Make sure you clearly express the offer. Now this may sound stupid, but just record yourself and watch it back. You may be quite surprised.

5. Make sure you’re sold on your offer. This should happen long before you’re ever in front of a prospect and could well be the hardest sell. But you MUST be 100% sold on your offer.

One more for luck:

6. Care so much about your prospect that you refuse to not close.

These are a collection of tips we’ve accumulated from reading a few books from authors like Grant Cardone, Zig Zaglar to name a few.

Hope fully these are helpful to you.

Stay inspired

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